• Erasing the language barrier

    When your audience doesn't share a common language, don't take chances -- call us.
  • Interpreting for meetings of all sizes

    From a one-one-one to a conference of five hundred people, we've done it before, and we're ready to do it again.
  • Global experience, available locally

    Our interpreters include native speakers of both Spanish and English, with Hmong and Tibetan available by arrangement.
  • Let us help you succeed!

    Our decades of professional experience allow us to convey your message with precision.


We specialize in simultaneous interpretation, which is used for conferences. Instead of pausing to allow the interpreter to interpret, the speaker can continue at a normal pace. The interpreter is able to keep up in real time, which maintains the flow of the meeting (and saves a lot of time). Just as not all bilingual people can interpret, not all interpreters can work this way. We can. This makes us a natural choice for your next large meeting or conference....


The Interpreters' Cooperative of Madison is entirely owned and operated by the interpreters themselves. We don't just represent our company, we are our company. As a local, small business, we understand the needs of small businesses and non-profits. We also understand the cultural context of your non-English-speaking audience. This makes us effective at letting you -- and them -- communicate fully and comfortably....


In our three years, a lot has changed -- almost all of it for the better. Look here for the latest developments!...




I know we could not share our information effectively with our Spanish-speaking families without this service."

– Leopold Elementary PFO

β€œOn a related note, your interpreter is great! We have been very, very happy with her services.”

– Catholic Charities

β€œI worked with your interpreter yesterday for about 55 minutes, and it went very well. Thanks so much!”


Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much your services mean to our school and our parents!

– Leopold Elementary PFO