Another Interpreters’ Co-op!

Last Thursday, two of us drove to Milwaukee to meet with members of UFCW 1473 (the union we’re about to join). They want to organize into exactly what we are: a worker co-op of interpreters.

Naturally, we were more than happy to help them. We talked for almost two hours about how we run our operation. They, in turn, talked about their experience and their hopes for the future. It was no surprise that there were a lot of parallels between them and us.

The path forward seems pretty clear. We are sharing our organizational documents with them to accelerate their incorporation, and when the time is right, they will become a formal co-op. The big question is the relationship between their co-op and ours. There are basically three options.

  1. We could be two co-ops with a semi-formal network that connects us, like the Tech Co-op Network.
  2. We could could be a two co-ops with a second-tier co-op that connects us.
  3. We could be one co-op.

The pros and cons of each are still a matter of discussion. No matter what, though, it’s going to be a be step forward.

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