Author: Steve Herrick

BAUEN: The Workers’ Hotel – Chapter 1a

The Cinderella of expropriation At the corner of the National Congress that leads to the Senate Chamber, at the intersection of Entre Ríos and Hipólito Yrigoyen streets, a group of around two hundred people blocked two lanes of traffic, holding a long sign. Some of the protesters wore a black t-shirt with white lettering, the […]

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BAUEN: The Workers’ Hotel – Introduction

Andrés RuggeriDesiderio AlfonsoEmiliano Balaguer BAUEN. The workers’ hotelAndrés Ruggeri, Desiderio Alfonso, and Emiliano BalaguerCover design :Interior design: Worker Cooperative Project Wow Ltd. Publisher: Callao cultural cooperative. Worker Economy LibraryEditing: Karina LuchettiPrinting:Director Worker Economy Library: Andrés Ruggeri In memory of Arminda Palacios and Luisa Casanova, workers of the BAUEN Cooperative. Introduction This is a story that […]

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